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Humankind Meets The Truth

People seek the Truth in this world. Why am I in this world, and what is the goal of my life? What is right, and what is wrong? This has been the question of humankind across the ages.

Our curiosity distinguishes us from animals. Of course, animal experiments show that monkeys and animals also have some degree of curiosity. New objects pique their interest.

But human curiosity is superior to that of animals. Humans have not only curiosity towards the material world, but also towards human themselves, and towards the spiritual. That makes us human.

Biologically, we are animals. It doesn’t matter where we stand on the creation vs evolution debate. Our bodies resemble those of other animals.

However, the nature of humankind ought to be found not in our biological features, but in that which is inherent to us which makes us human. When we see people who do seem to have lost their humankind-like nature, we call them “inhumane”.

What kind of person is an inhumane person? Is it because they look different from the rest? Or sport a different attire, or skin color? No. It’s when they have lost their human touch, that we call them “inhumane”.

We can’t say the same of animals. Expressions like “un-wolf-ly”, “un-tiger-ly”, “un-dog-ly”, are not in our vocabulary. This makes humans unique.

Humans have sought the Truth in various ways. Where did Socrates seek the Truth? He said, “Know Thyself”. He believed that self-understanding was essential to reaching the Truth.

The largest streams of philosophy and literature onwards have concerned themselves with finding themselves. It’s been a very long time since Socrates’, but some still seek the Truth.

A religion that takes on a similar approach is Buddhism. Buddhism is also about finding oneself. With a small twist. Buddhism says from the onset: “there’s no such thing as ‘oneself’. It’s nothingness”.

This is very hard to grasp. I do exist, but I’m taught that it doesn’t exist. People engage in lifelong self-flagellation and meditation to understand this teaching.

One may grow spiritually through self-flagellation and meditation, but all one achieves through it is simply coming back to the answers one already knew from the onset, or at worst, dying before even reaching that point.

In contrast, what does Christianity say about humankind? It defines humans as sinners. For the proud, modern man, a religion that starts right off the bat defining one as a sinner is a tough sell.…

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